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When will GoPro software be optimized for Mac M1?

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After I bought my new M1 Mac Mini and a new LG 27" monitor in early December, I spent a lot of time on your site and I made several calls to GoPro support to decide which cameral to buy and which acessories to include.

I was clear regarding the new M1 and Mac OS 11 and no issues were mentioned on your sales side. After I got my Hero9, I had a lot of questions and I made several more calls to support around the globe. In late December, I loaded the updated software and still was forced to use my phone for everything.

Finally one of your tech people said that I needed to wait for an M1 optionized version of your software. Is that update still coming, or am i destined to use my phone and ignore my 27 inch monitor and new Mac M1 powered desktop? 

The Hero is in its case and has been for the last two months.

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Re: When will GoPro software be optimized for Mac M1?

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Are you saying that the GoPro Player does not work on M1 Macs? Not even with Rosetta 2 installed?

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Re: When will GoPro software be optimized for Mac M1?

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I contacted GoPro before buying the Hero9 and confirmed that it would work with the new Mac Mini M1 Apple Crystal. Once I had my GoPro order I put the app on my phone and it was really clunky--more calls to GoPro. 

I was told that M1 Apple Crystal was not supported and that GoPro was working on the issue.

This is what GoPro shared with me in response to the issue on 01-04-2021 03:20 AM
Re: GoPro iOS app on M1 Mac (Apple Silicon)? [ New ]
Yes I'm sorry, GoPro App isn't supported on M1 for now, but it's something we're hoping to tackle soon.

So, I don't see any updated software. Where are the rave reviews coming from?