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What happened to GoPro Studio??

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So there I was happily (albeit with functionality) editing videos using GoPro studio, then (long story short) I had to remove it to free up space, now I've got a new HDD I thought I would get it again to carry on editing my videos.


All I find on the GoPro site is something called GoPro Quik, which lets face it is about as usful as a chocolate tea pot (and I'm being kind).


Can someone please tell me what GoPro are playing at??


I've got many Go Pro cameras and now all I can do with the footage is make clips with a stupid music track behind it - that's spending many thousands £ on kit which has kind of become useless. From what I can understand, I h=now have to go out and psend a load more money on editing software so I can enjoy the footage from my GoPro's.


The thing is, there are so many options for this type of camera and GoPro has now gone from top to bottom of the list.


I mean what a great feature to have nice simple free software to make the most of the expensive GoPro cameras.


Maybe GoPR weren't making enough money from their cameras and decided not to have good editing software for free andymore. Who knows. All I know is that I'm going to sell all my GoPros and never touch another one, shame, they were OK - not perfect, but OK.


Oh dear GoPro what have you done - well lost this customer for a start!

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Re: What happened to GoPro Studio??

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Hi @paulf28,


We are moving to Mobile Platform. 

Since it's easier and convenient. 


You can still get Quik for Mobile or Desktop.


If you need alternative you may try to check any alternative editing software. 






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Re: What happened to GoPro Studio??

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HI Gaytree76514


Can you please explain what Mobile Platform is (I guess using on mobile phones?), and who is it more convenient for? GoPRo or your customers?


So let me explain my situation better, I race cars (lucky me) so I put a few GoPros in my racecar, then I want to simply edit together a quick video to share and enjoy. I don't want music (the engine is music enough) yet with Quik it appears I have to have music (and I checked this very forum and it seems it can't be turned off) and I'm not the only one complaining about this.


Can you please tell me why, when I spend more money on GoPro's than the competitiion (I can get action cameras for far less) and then spend more money on some editing software so I can use them. So at the moment, I take footage and now have no way of using that footage unless I spend more money on editing software - why would I ever buy a GoPro again?? Why not just spend less on the competion and then use the money I've saved to buy the softwre I now need.


I'm also conerned that you reply without reading my original post? I already wrote that GoPro Quik is useless (I think I said about as much use as a chocolate teapot, so let me change that to Chocolate coffee pot, in other words, if I put a hot berverage into a chocolate pot it will melt and is therefore completely useless) so why do you suggest I use this??


I'm aware of other editing suites, however, surely I'm going to buy a cheaper action camera now? Unless you can persuade me otherwise.


And a little tip Mr Moderator, if you going to reply to a topic, at least answer the question! The answer you gave was about as much use as the GoPro Quik App (see above).


If I sound angy, sorry, I am. As I said, I had footage already perpared in GoPro Studio and now I can no longer access them and edit them - unless I spend more moeny on SW, and I'm not interested in free software, why don't you just put out a decent SW package, or as I said above you've decided you're not making enough profit to offer a simple Mac or Windows based Software for free so people can enjoy GoPro's?


Wow, whoever made that decision is clearly in the worng job, maybe you should move them to another department, maybe taking out the trash or something, and while they're at it, they can put you're completely useless GoPro Quik in the trash as well.


Goodbye from what was a loyal GoPro customer. 

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Re: What happened to GoPro Studio??

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Sorry Gaytree was a typo


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Re: What happened to GoPro Studio??

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All three editors that were given as possible desktop solutions are free. DaVinci Resolve is a professional video editor. Studio was purchased by GoPro many years ago and made free to everyone (you didn't have to purchase a GoPro camera to use it). Studio was antiquated, unstable, and not nearly as functional as free editors that are available today. Continuing to spend money and resources on Studio would have been foolish.

The Quik Mobile app is more advanced and flexible than Studio ever was. It does not require you to sync clips to music (or use any music) although it does do that as it's primary function and does it very well.

It seems that you did not read the reply clearly, as your rant seemed to be focused on needing to spend money on a video editor, yet the solutions provided were all free.