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What a terrible software

Poor software and poor software support.
The only reason I ever need to use Go Pro Quik is to add some GPS data on to video. As far as I know I cannot use any other better video editing software for that?

Unfortunately app as poor featured as GoPro Quik is also supported on very limited platforms: Windows 10 x64 and MAC...seriously.
I understand that You might don't have developer power to support Linux distributions which I and plenty people use. But I cannot understand why it isn't supported on Windows 7(i don't care it's support ended) /8.


So, It would be nice if you either:
-make simple app just for GPS overlay for Linux and/or Windows 7
-allow and/or point me to 3rd party software that can add GoPro GPS data onto video
-make current GoPro Quik at least work on Windows 7. Fact that it's not working, is completely unjustified in my opinion.


I need to fix every review that made me bought Your camera "good camera, terrible software".
I saw that even on Windows 10 GoPro Quik hangs or crash very often, makes it almost impossible to edit anything.

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Re: What a terrible software

Here's a list of other software products compatible with GoPro telemetry data, including some video editors:

Quik is not compatible with the GPS data in the new cameras anyway.