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Watching in full resolution

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I have recently purchased the GoPro Hero 9 for my scuba diving activies. 
First, I can connect my camero to Quik but cannot see the media on it. I can only see the media downloaded on the Cloud.

So I always download it from the SD card through my computer to have it at full resolution.

But for some reason, whether I watch the footage on VLC or QuickTime , it always seems to bug, freeze or act like it is a GIF (even Quik, but I barely use it because the resolution is lower). I cannot watch my videos smoothly on any type of app. 


Are there some type of settings I need to change or can you recommend any other app ? 

My video settings are as follows: 1080, 240 or 60, Wide angle.


Thanks for any help ! 


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Re: Watching in full resolution

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Hi @alysonp7


Here are some links you may check:

How to Correct Choppy or Broken Up Playback

HEVC Explained




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Re: Watching in full resolution

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Thanks for the links!

Seems my computer is just too weak then. Smiley Sad