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Videos won't play or import from camera to MacBook Pro

I recently added GoPro Qwik to my MacBook Pro and imported all the files from my camera to my computer.  All the "photo bursts" and "timelapses" show up fine (all of which are junk and just accidently taken, b/c the camera so frustratingly takes these when I'm simply trying to turn the hing on). 


The videos appear to have not been imported - when I filter by video, it's empty.  The files are now gone from my gopro (it seems that they were deleted after the possible failed import).  I've searched my computer for the files and found a folder named "gopro videos", which has a few mp4's and THM's, but of the wrong date (from a year ago) and the THM's are familiar but not from the batch I'm looking for - nothing matches what was on the camera before the import, so I think that was from a previous import.


These videos are so important to me, they are of my 7 year old daughter winning the gold at her first ski event.  I'm going to be devistated if they are gone for good.  


The folder that I found will not play or import to the GoPro Qwik app.  The mp4's will not play on QuickTime and iMovie won't import them either.  I'm 100% sure they aren't even the videos that I fear have been lost and I don't understand why they won't even play.


This camera has never worked with my computer and importing them via the iPhone has been the only way to get the videos in the past, however that is super time consuming and I've had to delete everything off my phone in order to get a couple videos at a time, then upload to the cloud so I can then delete and create more space on my phone in order to import a couple more.  Who has time for that?  This time, my phone and GoPro kept freezing up, so I gave the MacBook import another try and have somehow lost the most import videos I've ever taken.


Please help me find these videos - please tell me they are not gone.  Let me know what I can do.

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Re: Videos won't play or import from camera to MacBook Pro

I figured this out - videos were on my computer in a different HERO 6 folder.  I had to search my files using that term and finally found the date.


To get them to play and be recognized on my computer, I had to conver them using a free app called HandBrake.


The "issue" was that they were 4K, so couldn't be played on my computer.  Not sure why they work on a phone and not a high res computer, with a 4K montor, but hope this helps someone else!