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Video editing on pc like go pro app?

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Hey all,

Recently bought a hero 5 and love the android app with its ease of making video compilation. Has anyone come across a pc equivalent of making videos with that ease? I've tried the go pro editor and I'm use to Adobe premiere but I don't have the time anymore to sit for hours editing , just want a quick and easy solution that has titles,music, effects,etc.
Any ideas

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Re: Video editing on pc like go pro app?

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Hey Paul,




Have you tried Quik for Desktop? If not I would recommend that.


Some of our other users may have some suggestions for you as well!




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Re: Video editing on pc like go pro app?

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Good luck with Quik for desktop.  Its not optimized very well.  If you do decide to use it then I would suggest to put it on SSD.  I have nothing but problems with it on my HDD.  


Check recent posts.  Saving a video edit is not working for me and another user.  I tried everything and my pc is very new and clean.  Reinstalled, rebooted etc.. 


Quik desktops always give me problems but ive never put it on a SSD.  Id highly suggest that.