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Upload Speeds, clearly throttled

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Hi, I will start by saying I'm a long time systems architect and network engineer.  I thoroughly understand bandwidth and all the variables involved with it.  In the previous threads I found searching GoPro support, GoPro says that upload speeds are dependant on system and available network speed, etc.  The last excuse in these forums blames the user:


"The amount of time necessary to upload your footage is dependent on a number of factors, namely your network speed and amount of content."


I've tried uploading to the cloud from several networks with 100% dismal times.  a 4gb file has taken 5 hours and it's half way.  I am fiber, full gig symetrical speeds, and GoPro is uploading at 1.5mb or less.  This is clearly throttled as I uploaded the same file to google drive in just over a 3 minutes, and that was while your browser app was and is, still struggling.  What is your actual throttle speed and if you say you don't throttle then you clearly don't have enough bandwidth or are trying to charge for a service that is unusable.  It is nearly 1500% faster uploading to Google, Microsoft, and Apple storage .


What is the actual issue so your users can decide whether or not the service you provide is useful?


speedtest taken WHILE uploading to the gopro cloud. Even with 1/4 bandwith these files should take HOURS less





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Re: Upload Speeds, clearly throttled

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Thank you for the detailed feedback, @scottp8001. We will pass this information along to the team for a closer look. We will update this thread once we receive a response.