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Re: Unable to open Quik - stuck at "Authenticating"

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Like many of you I have tried all the options above without a solution. In fact, Quik works on my 2013 MacBook Pro but not the brand new 2018 MacBook pro I bought this past week. The host files are identical. I cannot edit the videos on the old laptop, thus the upgrade.


I am attempting to contact customer service one more time tomorrow. I have spent nearly $1000 on GoPro products in the past month. They're not functional (as advertised) without the use of the Quik App.


Without a resolution. There are numerous users who have purchased these who are unable to edit them without their implicit software being function.


I will keep you updated.



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Re: Unable to open Quik - stuck at "Authenticating"

Just wait until you finally manage to get it working and realize that they won't let you import anything other than GoPro footage, making you slam your head against the table on how horrific GoPro software is...