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Transferring and Uploading, am I the only one having troubles?

Hi, I'm a new GoPro user after years using other hardware.


I have a Hero 8  with GoPro Plus active account, and I am speachless in front of the dunbness of the upload options from the cam to the apps and then to the cloud.


1 - from the PC WIN there's no way to see what the app is uploading, ther's only a stupid circle cicling and no state of operation indicator. You wait hours and have to go to the cloud page to see what is showing up there to see if the process is going on or if the app is freezed.


2 - the only way you have to load vidoes and pics to the mobiles gopro app is via the wifi.... I have 110 Gb of data to transfer (one week vacation data) and it will take around 20 hours to transfer them to the phone in order to upload to the cloud


3 - the only way to speed up the process of transferring data from the Hero to the PC is taking out the sd or connecting with a third party USB 3.0 cable (the stock cable doesn't work), but if you don't have your pc with you, you can't do that with the mobiles and you have to use the wifi, slower than a turtle.


My question...

am I misunderstanding all the process?


Is it possible that a brand so famous among the sports community has such a dumb software forcing to use low speed wifi with the mobiles and no status bar to let you know how much of a file has been transferred?


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Rif.: Transferring and Uploading, am I the only one having troubles?



Ok, I found out that clicking on the cicling circle you see a status bar, but no way to know wich of the files have been uploaded and which no.


But about the other questions?



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Re: Rif.: Transferring and Uploading, am I the only one having troubles?

Hi @jeffhawke


Please try uploading several files to PLUS manually.

How to Add Media to GoPro Plus


Let us know how it goes.