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Téléchargement sur le Cloud extrêmement lent

J'ai fais plusieurs vidéos / photos qualité 2,7 K 

je suis actuellement en train de les chargers sur le clound grâce à GoPro Plus 

cependant malgré ma bonne connexion je dois faire 1 Mo/ minute ... 

une solution s'il vous plait ? merci

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Re: Téléchargement sur le Cloud extrêmement lent

Most home networks have good download speeds, but upload speeds can be much slower. Typically, when I am uploading a lot of content, I use Quik for Desktop and have the folder with the content as one of my Media Folders (in your Settings) and let Quik upload the content directly. It can still take a while to complete, but I don't have to monitor it.

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Re: Téléchargement sur le Cloud extrêmement lent

GoPro Plus is terribly slow.  Using wired ethernet (not WiFi) on a 1Gig fiber connection and uploading from a local file on my SSD drive - it took days to upload about 32GB of files to GoPro Plus.  Uploading to my Google Drive took minutes.