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Re: Super slow GoPro Quick for Windows 10

Hello & thanks for your reply.



I can copy the HEVC files to the PC either through Quik or Windows Explorer, I can play HEVC files in Windows without problem - that's not the issue.


The issue is GoPro editing software 'GoPro QUIK' is not able to open/play or edit GoPro Hero 7 Black 4kx60 HEVC files on a fairly high end Windows PC. Windows can play the files. The GoPro software can't.


The PC hardware is new and not low end. The video card is industry standard NVIDIA GTx 1080 Ti 11gb, acc nvidia this supports up to 8k encoding/decoding (including 4k HEVC)


When I purchased the GoPro Hero 7 Black I went through multiple youtube review clips, none mentioned broken or buggy Windows editing software for the 'killer' format (4kx60), yet looking around the forums these are well known & wide spread issues.


What made me decide to purchase the Hero 7 Black was (in addition to 4kx60 format) one youtube clip showing the overlays (GPS, tachometer etc) over the clip - this is literally what I bought the camera for. 4kx60 with overlays (GoPro calls these 'Gauges').


It sounds like GoPro may be trying to fob people off with 'buy third party software' (which does not work with the 'Gauges') or use lower format.


Are GoPro intending to fix this software so that it can be used, on an industry standard 2018 PC, for video editing at 4kx60 and be able to use the advertised Go Pro features of GPS, Speed tracker, speedometer etc ?  Thanks for checking.



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Re: Super slow GoPro Quick for Windows 10

Quik for Desktop will still copy HEVC files to your computer, but those files may struggle to play back.

16Gb needs hours to copy over Quik not only HEVC also JPGs. see my posting before.


If you have  a software and advertise with it, then it must work too.

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Re: Super slow GoPro Quick for Windows 10

So over the last weeks you got a lot of posts here. In general everyone describes the same problem. This means the software is not working. And really... the answer can not be that you should check the system requirements or list a couple of third party software (which does not provide the same functionality, which Quick promise to do).


I have not read anywhere that you are aware of that the software is buggy and your dev team is working on it. Are you aware about or are you just ignoring it? Sorry for clear words but I am really wondering if I review this thread here.


I would be really happy to get a statement regarding the current dev status or if there is a status at all to get a feeling if it makes sense to go with my new bought gopro 7 black or if I have to bring it back.




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Re: Super slow GoPro Quick for Windows 10

Fix your buggy software. Quik is a piece of **bleep** when I try to edit the new 4k60fps videos. I have a hexacore running at 4ghz with a 1080ti, so I got power for days.

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Re: Super slow GoPro Quick for Windows 10

It is the way to get the super slow GoPro Quick for windows 10 you can visit here if you want to get another type of information regarding a configuration of windows 10.

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Re: Super slow GoPro Quick for Windows 10

Same problem here! H.265 started playing on Quik and got choppy and laggy in 2 seconds. No issue when I use media player on windows 10.

I have  i7 7700k, GTX 1080Ti, 32 RAM.

I bought 7 just because of 4k 60fps with hypersmooth not hyper laggy, and I am now seriously considering to get the refund. 

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Re: Super slow GoPro Quick for Windows 10

Just bought a Hero 7 Black and I'm having the same issue with a powerfull W10 desktop w/ a 1080Ti graphics card.

@graytree76514 @aragon1006 Any update on a resolution?  This is not an isolated problem from what I've been reading.

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Re: Super slow GoPro Quick for Windows 10

Your best option is to use a proper non-linear video editor. Some free options are:
VSDC on Windows-
DaVinci Resolve


DaVinci Resolve is by far the most advanced and is a professional editor, but I believe the limitation of the free version is that it won't work with HEVC. This might have changed though, as I don't see it listed as a limitation anymore. If you do have issues, converting your video to h.264 with Handbrake is an option.

VSDC works with both h.264 and HEVC and is recommended by GoPro. I've tested it, and it works fine. VideoProc is also excellent and adapts to your system to get the most from your resources, but the free version limits you to creating 5 minute videos. Since GoPro Quik for desktop limits you to 1 minute videos, this is still a step up.

@robm612 I'm not sure what is going on with your system and Quik. I basically have the same system except I have a GTX 1050Ti. It works for me, so considering that you have a much better GPU I assume it should work for you. Try running Quik on both the dedicated and then integrated graphics and see if one works better than the other.

In all honesty though, Quik for Desktop needs a compete overhaul. The mobile app works so much better, is more flexible, faster, and allows for longer videos, I never use the desktop app anymore. My workflow is: shoot photos/videos, allow Quik Story to grab my media from my camera and create a video, get home and then load my media to my computer, review my footage (which has been automatically downloaded on my way home) on my phone, watch & edit the Quik Story video, and then, if I want, create a properly edited video with Adobe Premiere Pro.