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Re: Super slow GoPro Quick for Windows 10

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Seirously??? That is the response from GoPro?  A large part of why I bought a GoPro Hero Black 6 recently was the software is included / free.  But it is garbage.  My system not only meets the requirements it well exceeds the reccomended specifications.  It won't play for more than a few seconds before becoming choppy and freezing.  I have a Ryzen 7 1700 with 16GB of high 3000mhz ram set up with XMP and a 7950 3gb video card with a SanDisc Ultra SSD.  What a joke.  

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Re: Super slow GoPro Quick for Windows 10

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Quik must be renamed in SLOWWWWWW or IDLE

Smiley Sad

AMD threadripper 16 CORES 

64 GB Ram 512GB SSD

Hero7 black  and Quik on latested version

About 32 GB used on my 64 GB SD card

Hero7 conected over USB3 on different Ports and other PCs


Import ist not slow it is ULTRA SLOW after 45 Minutes it told me 47/643 Elemente so think i would wait 1Day to import.

There must be something wrong in Quik. i'm not the only user.


From friends i heare that the support is a no-go. I tried it not myself

I bought a hero7black for a week - i hope it is not the last.


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Re: Super slow GoPro Quick for Windows 10

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Use a USB/SD adapter and manually transfer the files over to your computer.
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Re: Super slow GoPro Quick for Windows 10

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Intel i7-6900K
RAM 32Gb
SSD Samsung Pro 2x512Gb RAID

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Re: Super slow GoPro Quick for Windows 10

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I'll also add that the program is not usable. I shoot all my stuff in HEVC with the hero 7 black at 60fps. Quik is completely incompatible with all those files. I'd really like to use quik - and it'd be nice if you could output to a 4K HEVC file as well. As it stands though I can't use it. 

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Re: Super slow GoPro Quick for Windows 10

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Hi @marklight,



We'll submit your suggestion. 

I personally want to have that as well. 








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Re: Super slow GoPro Quick for Windows 10

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Just bought a GoPro Hero Black 7 last night and shooting in 4k60 HEVC. The Quik application can not handle the files at all. Performance stutters after about 2 seconds then throughought the video it shows maybe one frame per 15 SECONDS. Making it completely unfit for purpose. With overlays turned off the performance is stil unusable.


The 4k 60 HEVC files work perfectly fine in playback in regular windows on this same PC. The QUIK Application can not handle them for an unknown reason.


Can GoPro please fix this software ? Or recommend an alternative which can also use the GPS and other overlay data ?


For reference this pc is an Alienware Aurora R7 :


Intel® Core™ i7 8700 (6-Core/12-Thread, 12MB Cache, up to 4.6GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology)
Windows 10 Pro 64bit English, 
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti with 11GB GDDR5X
16GB,DDR4,2666MHz up to 64GB
512GB PCIe SSD (Boot) + 2TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s (Storage).


I would expect the software for the camera to work on this level of hardware.



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Re: Super slow GoPro Quick for Windows 10

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Hi @gk80354


Quik for Desktop will still copy HEVC files to your computer, but those files may struggle to play back.


For information on this type of files, please check these articles: 

HEVC Explained.

Minimum System Requirements for 4K Editing and Playback


GoPro cameras create MP4 files, a format that is supported by many video editing programs. For other editing options on your home computer, we have had several customers give good reviews of Pinnacle Studio HD, Davinci Resolve,  Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premier Elements, and Apple's iMovie and Final Cut X.