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Studio crashes, memory accumulation/creep?

I have about 25 small-ish clips with backing tracks that I want to put into one video with no template.


I'm running Win7 64, 16gb, i7-4790K, so I'm not left wanting for a beefier system to get this done.


It kicks off at about 1gb memory usage once I've loaded the .gcs file that I've saved. From there, as I continue to edit and crop before exporting (because it WILL NOT SAVE the file more than about 80% on the progress bar as it is), it eventually falls over. It's accumulating memory/creeping at a pretty fast rate and I'm not sure how to curb it.


I have the Task Manager up and the system gets to anything between 1.6 - 1.8Gb of mem usage and then it hangs. I'm unsure why it won't handle more memory usage, but I have a feeling that the program could have memory usage limitations.


The real kicker here is, the program crashes midway through what I'm doing, and the very reason I'm doing it is because it crashes while exporting. So either way I'm screwed. Is there any fix for this memory accumulation that is known?