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Re: Studio Keeps Freezing, 1t week of Ownership.


@mattb you said, "remove ALL clips that aren't being used". I believe that you can remove ALL clips (don't leave any) and it wont affect the clips in the timeline.


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Re: Studio Keeps Freezing, 1t week of Ownership.

@mattb  @danielr15


Thanks to both of you for your input and advice, but i have tried the deleting of all files from sidebars myself already in the most recent carnation of Studio and it still does not work.


I have never used Flux, as i have never had the oppertunity to get that far with the software. All i ahve tried to do is, the simplest of edits and i cannopt even do that, due the the complete & utter c0ck up of a programe that studio is!


As per you and the Tech support suggestions, i am leaning towards anothers comment on this group i saw, which stated something like, It Should Not Be The Users Responsability To Trouble Shoot These Issues On Behalf Of Go Pro!


The developer should be on here working with the customers to take on board what the issiues are and as such, working to a more stable, functional & usable version of the software. Not just software for those who have or can afford brand new computers on a regular basis!


As to the other software options, i have treid other in the past and with exception to the microsoft movie maker, the others are simply too confusing to use, too many options and choices, hence why i have been going on about the unusability of Studio, as it is akin to Windows Movie Maker in its simplsitic useage and user control panel etc. So whilst i appreciate the time and the links Daniel, i will be giving them a wide bearth as a technical cluster F for usability.


Windows is updated regularly as is the other drivers on the system if available to do so. So it's not that either.


You both may as well do as the GoPro support agent did and that is to drop this case of mine and delete these posts, as i am giving up. My computer literacy is so-so, but far from any form of an IT techie. I am notyhjing other than a layman, computer user, software user, consumer and all i wish to do, is open up the GoPro app and process my clips. Not take a degree in computer programming so as i can then fix, address any issues with flawed software on behalf of a developer.


Sorry, but this is where i am now at and really beggining to get wholeheartidly peed off at the name of GoPro!

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Re: Studio Keeps Freezing, 1t week of Ownership.

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And strangely enough, no reply to ,my above comments, points and end user observations.


How do i delete my profile off of this community?

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Re: Studio Keeps Freezing, 1t week of Ownership.

Hi @bonzo1


Sorry for the later than ideal reply here. I was out of the office for the weekend. This is a huge bummer, as I really can see where you're coming from. Unfortunately, in a case like this, it sounds like the basic function of Studio is not working, and the reason we have been providing all of these different troubleshooting steps is to find what that is. The software does work for many users, including myself, but it seems in this case that it is not for you, and my hope was that we could pin down what the hang up was that kept stopping you from completing your project. 


We agree 100% that the software should be such that you can create edits and share your stories without needing to be an expert, that it should be a natural extension of capturing your personal experiences, and that is our mission. GoPro just had a live event this morning in which we unveiled, along with our new camera line up and Karma system, improved software, which is coming soon. These Quik Apps make editing easier than ever, and I only hope that whatever is stopping you from using Studio won't likewise impede the use of the Quik App for Desktop. 


This is all to say that we're on board and we're on your team, wanting to help with sharing the content you capture. In the meantime, we are still happy to keep helping out with Studio. If you want to try the suggestions that I provided, that could be helpful. However, I understand and respect your decision if the inconvenience you've had so far is such that you'd rather not busy yourself with this task at the moment. We are here to help and I hope that you will have a drastically different experience in the near future. 


All the best,

Matt B. 

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Re: Studio Keeps Freezing, 1t week of Ownership.

It appears that no one has a solution to this problem. I, myself, have a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 laptop with the following specs:


Intel i7-6500u

Intel HD Graphics 520 (128mb VRAM) AND AMD Radeon R5 M335 (4087mb VRAM)


I had one GoPro tech support agent tell me my video card was lacking becasue it did not meet the 512mb recommendation, however he/she failed to scroll down in my DXDIAG file to see the AMD Radeon graphics card.


I seem to be having the same problem as bonzo where the Quik program locks up and becomes unresponsive when I go to play/create videos. I can view the videos perfectly fine in Windows Media Player, but for some reason the GoPro software doesn't like working on my computer. I've contacted both AMD and Go Pro regarding this. I have tried switching the graphics processor to go into High-Performance mode and force my computer to use the AMD GPU, rather than the crappy little intel one. Still nothing works.


Then, I ran into an article which I thought was interesting.

I know it is only an HP article, but I've done a bigger search on google to find the same information. The interesting thing for me is that I go onto the AMD site and my Radeon R5 M335 GPU has support for OpenGL 4.3. So then, I had to go back and question whether AMD still has the built in settings in their Catalyst Control Center where it won't switch over to the AMD GPU for OpenGL applications. It just doesn't make sense to me. Hopefully someone who better understands this can help.