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Studio Keeps Freezing, 1t week of Ownership.

I have for the past two days spent numerous hours, from uninstalling, to reinstalling the GoPro studio, GoPro desktop program and updating my video card drivers etc.


Nothing seems to make this program operate, it seems to be tempremental and hado as it pleases, but most of all, it just hangs there, in a frozen state.


Took me hours to get from the Edit stage to the Transfer, save file stahe, the file starts to save, transfer, but then stops at only 2%.

Pressing Cancel does nothing and the only way to close the program down, it by using the Windown Task Managet.


So, as a first time user of the brand, all i can say is, i'm not imprerssed at this stage, as i can't even make a 18 min video file. All i managed to do was one 10 second clip the other day.


Seems like the program isn't fit for the purpose it is intended for?


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Re: Studio Keeps Freezing, 1t week of Ownership.

On opening Windows Task Manager, you see the GoPro Studio and Transfer are both running, then just as quickly, the status reand, Not Responding. Regardless of how many times i'm trying this, it keeps saying "Not Resondidng and requires tom be forced closed.

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Re: Studio Keeps Freezing, 1t week of Ownership.

Does anyone from GoPro actually come on here and answer questions?

Just from looking at the number of posts with no replies, comments against them.
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Re: Studio Keeps Freezing, 1t week of Ownership.

Went back to the drawing board earlier on there, decided to try smaller clips, shorter duration. Very first section from trimming in Edit stage, on trying to play, review video to see if it required any light adjustments and it froze, hung at 3 seconds into a 7 second clip.


At leeast it prooves it isn't just because i was trying to stitch too many files together with my initial attemp.


The Studio program can't even deal with 7 seconds of video, never mind trying to stich something at 15 minutes together.


Dell XPS 8200.

i7 processor.

8Gb RAM.

AMD Radeon Graphics Processor.


So no slouch of a computer.

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Re: Studio Keeps Freezing, 1t week of Ownership.



I'm certainly sorry to hear that you've had to spend so much time trying to fix this. Let's see if we can figure it out. 


First things first, the files are locally stored on the computer, and not just being pulled from the camera while editing, correct? 


Next, do you know if your graphics driver is completely up to date? 


Have you been using the same files on every attempt, despite sometimes shortening them? Please be sure to try some other files in a new project to see if that helps. 


Additionally, I'd like to understand a bit better if the problem is only happening when you move from Step 2 Edit to Step 3 Export. If so, what are the settings you are exporting in, and what happens if you choose the format "Archive"? 


Hopefully we'll be able to get you up and running!

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Re: Studio Keeps Freezing, 1t week of Ownership.

Hi Matt and thank you for getting back. The issue is hopefully in hand, as i ended up callig technical support, so they are reviewing my Desktop configuration to see if it meet the requirements Smiley Happy

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Re: Studio Keeps Freezing, 1t week of Ownership.

Well, i have found a workaround for the current issue that many of us are experiancing with the Stodio program. Now, am i allowed to make reference to outside links?


Anyway, whilst trawling the internet, i found this other GoPro Forum and have a look at the last post in the thread.


At least it's not just owner who post for help on here that are having issues, the problem seems to be far wider than is reported on here.


The link above then lead me to another search and finding this.,0301-55289.html


So i installed GoPro Studio 1.4.0 and low and behold, all systems are operational and not one single issue of freezing or hanging on me. That is even doing a multi clip edit, colour correction and adding music to it.


Matt, it looks like you guys need to release an older more stable version of the Studio until you can get to the bottom of what is casuing the issues and making for poor user experiance.

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Re: Studio Keeps Freezing, 1t week of Ownership.

Earlier on i contacted my graphics card manufacturer, AMD who pointed me in the direction of the latest driver. So i now have that installed.


Once again, i un installed the Gopro desktop & studio, then re installed it after updating my graphics card driver etc.


Going back to the latest version of Studio, once more it has froze at 89% on the export stage, yet the same single video file, with nothing done, apart from some trimming converts and saves with the older GoPro for desktop?


And AMD said,


I see that you are looking for GoPro app compatibility on your Radeon HD 6670 GPU.

As per the link provided by you your GPU completely meets the system requirement of GoPro app.

Because your GPU supports OpenGl 4.1 & 512 MB MEMORY.


However the second link which I have provided for you it clearly shows it doesn’t meet the system requirement, hence I request you to contact GoPro in this regards.

Also I see that you are using pretty old drivers from Aug 2015, well I suggest you to uninstall the drivers & install the latest drivers from AMD & check the issue status.

I can help you providing the compatible drivers for your HD 6000 series video card.

Please find the below link, which will direct you to download the drivers for your GPU.

The given link have 3 different OS supports.

  1. Windows 10 32/64 BIT.
  2. Windows 8.1 32/64 BIT.
  3. Windows 7 32/64 BIT.

Perform clean driver uninstallation on your computer & then processed with driver installation.

For detailed instructions on how to correctly uninstall or install the AMD Catalyst Software Suite, please refer to the following support resources:

GPU-57: How-To Uninstall AMD Catalyst™ Drivers From A Windows® Based System

GPU-507: How-To Install AMD Catalyst™ Drivers For A Windows® Based System

Please get back for further assistance

In order to update this service request, please respond, leaving the service request reference intact.

Best regards,

AMD Global Customer Care


Matt, can you Clarify the issue that AMD has highlighted in regards to being both compatible & Non Compatible, which seems to be a contradiction in itself lol.