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Stitchin Problem with long Videos / Problem bei langen Videos

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Unfortunately it was not possible for me to process a longer video. The stitching runs normally without an error message. The video can be opened and works well. After about 6-7 minutes, the view is torn. Why is that? Storage space and enough power has the calculator ...
I've tried several times and synonymous different settings and synonymous taken different shots, but always the same problem


Leider war es mir bisher nicht möglich ein längeres Video zu verarbeiten. Das Stitching läuft normal ohne Fehlermeldung. Das Video lässt sich öffnen und funktioniert auch. Nach ca. 6-7 Minunten ist die Ansicht auf einmal zerrissen. Woran liegt das? Speicherplatz und genug Power hat der Rechner...
Ich habe das mehrfach versucht und auch verschiedene Einstellungen und auch verschiedene Aufnahmen genommen, aber immer das Selbe Problem

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Re: Stitchin Problem with long Videos / Problem bei langen Videos

@sweetcliff25763 - I'm not 100% sure what you mean by the video being torn, but if you mean the video is broken up into more than one file, that's normal. It's called chaptering, and it's there to protect your footage in case there's an issue with one part. If there is an issue, the entire video won't be lost.


For me, when shooting at 5.2K, the chapters hit right at 7 minutes. You can still combine all of the chapters together into one video in Fusion and render all or part of the video you shot there.