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Started with 3 GOPro Hero3+ BE cameras

I first purchased 3 Hero 3+ Black Ed cameras for different angles and working PC Win 7 Ultímate. Since then I’ve gotten the Hero 5 Black and the Hero 5 Session. But in between then and now I’ve had gaps in recording videos until just this June using 4 of my 5 cameras. I’ve downloaded using adapter and directly from cameras but with so many videos and pictures some files are incorrect dates. Plus I now also have an iMac.

Do the older app and desktop software matter anymore? Does the current Quick app and desktop software the only needed to upload videos.

Are videos and pictures tied to the update files in the micro Sd card when cameras update are installed? Sorry but I’m a little confused since I haven’t stayed updated with my GoPro cameras.
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Re: Started with 3 GOPro Hero3+ BE cameras

The older desktop app, GoPro Studio, was discontinued and is no longer supported. You can download the Quik Desktop app if you wish. It wont run on Windows 7, but it should work on your Mac. The Quik desktop app is used for offloading videos, updating your cameras (including checking that the camera has the correct date/time), uploading to the GoPro Plus Cloud Service (if you are a subscriber), and also for making short videos synced to pre-loaded song choices).

You do not need to use the Quik desktop software. You can manually move the media over to your computer if you wish. This is generally faster, however the advantage of using Quik is that it will automatically make folders (in your Pictures folder), auto upload to cloud, and also check your devices (firmware and date/time).

For creating videos, you are much better off using a 3rd party video editor or the GoPro mobile app (Quik). The mobile app also tends to upload media to the cloud service faster and will auto create videos for you, so I strongly suggest learning and utilizing it.

Manual updates are generally the better way to update cameras as they tend to be more stable and give better results. You can download the update to your computer, Extract and then copy the UPDATE folder to a blank SD, and then insert the card into your camera for firmware updates (Note: On HERO3 you copy the files within the UPDATE folder to a blank card. For HERO3+ and newer cameras, you copy the UPDATE folder to the card).

I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean by videos and pictures being tied to the update files. Update files (or the UPDATE folder for the HERO3+ and HERO5 cameras) should be placed on a blank SD card. Once the update is complete they are removed automatically. Some information files do remain, but they are not associated with the videos and pictures.

For some free video editors you can check this list (some are Windows Only) or use iMovie.
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