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Speedometer overlay for 9min video

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I'm about ready to return my GoPro over this Quik aggravation software. How do I add the speedometer to my whole 9 mins video? Seems like I can only work with 1 min at a time. I'm not the most tech savy guy but this software really sucks. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Speedometer overlay for 9min video

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I was not aware of this problem. I see this happens when GoPro splits the video in multiple files, then Quik is unable to merge the telemetry data to display a single GPS track, but I'm not sure what causes your problem. Would you be able to share a screenshot?


Of course, there are alternatives like exporting the data and editing your video with speedometer and other gauges in a different editor like Virb Edit. Here are some software options you might find interesting: