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Solution to the "Authenticate" issue with Quik on Mac is removed as "spam"

I am trying to post a detailed description with photos that show how to resolve this issue, but the posts are constantly removed as "spam".


"This reply was marked as spam and has been removed. If you believe this is an error, submit an abuse report."




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Re: Solution to the "Authenticate" issue with Quik on Mac is removed as "spam"

Our spam filter automatically flags posts that meet certain criteria for spam. Each post is reviewed, and if it's not spam, the post is cleared and will appear on the boards.

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Re: Solution to the "Authenticate" issue with Quik on Mac is removed as "spam"

In this case, your spam filter flagged a detailed description of how to solve a problem with your software. I should point out that not only THIS forum but others as well are flooded with people who are upset about exactly this issue. To make things worse, GoPro technical support doesn't have a clue how to resolve the issue. I'm posting the solution one more time here for you:


So, here is the solution:

The underlying issue is how the code parses the hosts file (I don't know what the code does with the information). My best guess is that the programmer who wrote the code had a hosts file with the localhost entry on the first line in his development environment.

Anyway, the solution to the "authenticating" issue is to make your hosts file look exactly the same as the one in the not so clever programmers (programming environment.


What we want to do is ddit the hosts file. The hosts file is locked for editing in its original location so you need to make a copy that you can edit outside the original location before replacing the original hosts file.


1. Make sure you are logged in as an administrator

2. Open a Finder window

3. In the application menu, select Go->Go to Folder and enter /private/etc/hosts

3. Copy the hosts file

4. Paste the hosts file on your desktop

5. Double-click on the hosts file on your desktop to edit it

6. Move the localhost entry to the very top of the file. Note that it is imperative

that the entry is at the very top of the file

7. Close the editor (you will not be asked if you want to save the file)

8. Copy the edited hosts file on your desktop

9. In the Finder window, once again select Go->Go to Folder and

enter /private/etc/hosts

10. Paste the edited hosts file. A popup dialogue box with the question "An item named

“hosts” already exists in this location. Do you want to replace it with the one

you’re moving?" Click Replace

11. Turn Wi-Fi Off

12. Turn Wi-Fi On

13. Launch Quik and sign in.