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Slowdowns and inconsistencies when importing on different computers

I was filming and since my SD card filled up, I had to import the files to my laptop and delete them from the SD card.
Then, I moved the imported files on my desktop, so I can edit them faster. I encountered the following bugs:

1. On my desktop I get some message about HEVC files not being able to be imported. I did not get that message when importing directly to desktop.
2. I had to manually install some HEVC codecs from Microsoft store on my desktop and hit scan for the media to appear.
3. Editing these files is super slow compared to editing the files that were directly imported to the desktop. That happens even after installing the HEVC codec.


My camera codec settings are HEVC+h264. Since my desktop is running an older version of Windows 10, it seems that the import on my desktop imports h264, while the import on my laptop imports h265/HEVC. I checked the files with VLC and that confirmed my suspicion.
When moving the files from my laptop to my desktop, my desktop has trouble reading and editing them.


This is very confusing behavior. I'd much rather have an option to control whether h264 or HEVC is imported, or both. I might be using one device to import the files just for storage and another device to actually do the editing. Also, there's no clear indication whether a file is HEVC or x264, which may mean that some files are mysteriously slower.



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Re: Slowdowns and inconsistencies when importing on different computers

Hello @md33285. Whether or not the camera records in HEVC will depend on the video compression selected prior to recording, as well as the resolution settings used. There is information about HEVC files at . 


The filename of a video recorded with HEVC starts with GX. This file naming convention will guide you through file identification.