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Secret to uploading videos to Instagram and Facebook without losing video quality

What’s the secret to posting a GoPro video to Instagram or Facebook without the video getting really grainy and pixelated ? I’ve tried different FPS and resolutions and it always seems to ruin my video when I upload it. But when I see a video on the GoPro page, or on someone who’s sponsored by GoPro it’s always crystal clear.. what’s the secret?
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Re: Secret to uploading videos to Instagram and Facebook without losing video quality

@besanconmx, make sure to activate the 'Upload HD' option in your Facebook app - this is off by default on mobile.

When uploading your video to Facebook/YouTube/Instagram, you might notice a loss in video quality. This is because these applications compress the video in the upload process. These platforms have their own requisites when it comes to uploading content. I suggest to check on Facebook/YouTube/Instagram message boards or even with Facebook/YouTube/Instagram directly to get more specific details about this.


I've already seen some Instagram users who were able to find useful workarounds to outstrip this compression process. I came across this YouTube video some time last year that definitely helped me out, so I'm hoping this can shed some ideas to you as well: 


You can also check the suggestion on this post to see if it will work for you: 


Also, our users have experienced that uploading videos from a desktop computer gives higher quality than uploading from a mobile device. To do this, save the video to your computer. Once there, upload your video to Facebook or YouTube from your desktop computer for better quality.