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Scuba diving disaster! Can I export only one camera from my GoPro Fusion?

I bought a fusion to go scuba diving with my son.  I even bought the underwater case from Amazon.  After coming back and having the stitching be a total diaster (it looks horrible with strange lines everywhere) I read the forums and learned that even though I saw promo footage underwater this camera does not do it well.  My question: Is there any way to just pull the flat footage?  I tried choosing "overcapture" and zooing in but it's so hard to tell where one camera starts and one begins underwater and almost every export I do looks terrible.  Can you disable "stiching" somehow?  I have some amazing footage from underwater and really want to be able to look at it!  


HERE is an example of what it looks like exported normally.

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Re: Scuba diving disaster! Can I export only one camera from my GoPro Fusion?

Hello @coolpeak2702. How did you render your footage? The links below will guide you on how stitching/rendering is done: 

Feel free to post back for any other concerns or questions. Alternatively, you may reach out to our Support team for further assistance. Their contact information is at . 

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Re: Scuba diving disaster! Can I export only one camera from my GoPro Fusion?

Your best bet for exporting footage in this case is to use the overcapture method.  Since you incorrectly positioned the camera on you selfie stick, this actually helps you determin a prepositioning point for your footage (although it did make the stitching issues worse).   All you need to do is keep the view of yourself swimming 180 degree's away from the center of your footage.  So in the overcapture selection, this will either be to the extreme left or extreme right of the selection.  
It was well reported that the GoPro Fusion wouldn't render footage underwater due to difraction.  You actually can film underwater with the Fusion, but you will need to place the Fusion in a large dome shaped sphere first (and this may still cause stitching issues if the shape of the dome isn't perfect or of a good size).  
Due to the curvature of the GoPro Fusion lenses and distortion before stitching, there is no 100% surefire way to flatten the footage without distortions being visable.  Remember, the Fusion doesn't take two perfect 180 degree spheres and stitch them together in a straight line, it uses a zig zag pattern for better stitching down the edges, so getting footage from just 1 lens wouldn't really be possible.  
Right now after viewing your footage, it appears to be very cloudy and murky as if there was a lot of sand or silt suspended in the water and an over abundance of blue light.  Usually people compensate for this by using a red filter (not currently available for a Fusion due to the lens design).  I'm not sure how well this could be cleaned up but your best bet would be to try to export this as a 360 degree spherical video, then import it into Adobe Premier Pro.  Then use the GoPro VR Reframe pluggin to crop out any footage with visible distortions and then color grade the remaining footage.  The only issue with this is that using such an extreme zoom to crop out the visible issues will degrade your footage and make it more blurry.  
There is speculation that the next generation of GoPro Fusion/360 max will have the ability to just use one lens when filming and thus be suitable for using underwater albiet without 360 pan.  However since there have been no solid details released yet we will just have to wait until September to find out for sure.  I would suggest though that for further underwater video, you use a GoPro 6 or 7 as it will offer you higher quality and higher resolution video for underwater use.