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Rig for editing GoPro MAX 360 video

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And please excuse me if I chose the wrong section for my problem.

I own a GoPro MAX camera and have been very much satisfied with the footage quality as well as with the workflow I have on my main rig. The problem I have encountered recently, however, is that my backup old laptop has problems handling the 360 video files:

  • The default GoPro Player freezes every time I try to open a raw 360 file.
  • Conversion using the old GoPro Exporter is of little help: while I am able to open the files in other software, reframing them is a pain in the neck - especially after experiencing the convenience of GoPro Player.

I'd rather avoid buying a completely new laptop and instead would like to upgrade it as much as possible.


My current specs:

Alienware m15x

Inter Core i7 740QM 1.73GHz

AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000 300 MHz/1 GB



Windows 10 (with up to date drivers, etc.)


I thought about upgrading to 16 GB of RAM, as this is the fastest and the cheapest upgrade I can think of. I can also consider switching for a more advanced (or actually less obsolete...) GPU like GeForce GTX 460M.

Does anything of these two make any sense? Or should I just go for an altogether more powerful laptop? Or maybe there is some other solution I am not aware of (like using a different piece of software or converting it to a different format)? All suggestions are much appreciated!



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Re: Rig for editing GoPro MAX 360 video

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Most laptops don't have the ability to upgrade the processor or graphics card due to the fact that such things are usually custom made for that specific laptop and integrated directly into the unit.


So upgrading your ram may be your only choice, 8GB is a tiny amount of ram for trying to process 360 video, 8GB is the min required just to run windows reliably...