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Request for Batch Export

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I'm vlogging a long journey, using my MAX, and my Macs :-)


I currently have 370 or so .360 files to process, and there's likely to be about 100 more before I'm done and want to bring them into Final Cut Pro.


It would be so helpful not to have to convert those all to equirectangular by hand!  


A command-line utility, even an Applescript interface, would make a world of difference, if batch-conversion isn't easy to build into the existing app...


Just my top priority for the wishlist...




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Re: Request for Batch Export

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100% agree. I have the same problem / the same request.


Not only it is time consuming to manually export all those files ... the time/date of the exported files has to be changed manually too. Otherwise these files have the export date ... instead of the original file date (=date/time when shooting the video).


If you import those manually exported files together with other files of the same shooting (e.g. from iphone / 2nd cam) you don't have an correct order in the finalcut pro media viewer


@quentinsf do you have a solution for the File time/date issue? Do you work with the wrong export date or do you change the filedates manually too?

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Re: Request for Batch Export

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The dates haven't really been an issue for me yet; this is a vlog where I have detailed notes about my travels, so I know when everything happened independently. But yes, it would be nice to have.


The batch export turned out to be a bit less of an issue for this particular project, where I'm editing the footage down to 1080p.  GoPro Player turned out to do a better job of the reframing selection than Final Cut, mostly because it has the ease-in/ease-out option on the movements, which I almost always want.  Final Cut won't do that, or I haven't yet found a way.


So I'm doing my first stage of editing in GoPro Player, manually exporting 1080p, and then doing the rest in FCPX.  The things that would make a difference to me in this workflow (where I have 400+ videos over a two-week trip) would be (a) a way to make the ease-in/ease-out  the default, so I don't have to go and set it for every move on every video, and (b) for the export to remember my ProRes preferences and default to use the same filename with a differnt extension.   Or more keystroke/Applescript support so I could automate these!


Batch Export would still be important if I were planning for the final output to be spherical instead of flat, though!