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Remembering the codec settings in GoPro player?

I'm liking some of the recent updates to GoPro Player - in particular the fact that 'Ease-Both' is now the default when reframing!  I'm processing hundreds of videos, and small changes like this save me a vast amount of time.


The 'Send to queue' feature for rendering is also great, but the bit I was most excited about was that it seemed to remember my preferred codec! In the past I had to manually switch from H.264 to ProRes before exporting.  I've done that a couple of hundred times so far, but when the new app started up, it seemed to remember this between files - another nice benefit!  I was delighted.


However... it's now stopped remembering it, and I'm back to setting it for each video by hand again.  Is there something I did by accident before, which caused it to be remembered?