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Quik wont save edit

I am not able to save any edits, the progress bar is on the sceen but does not fill.

Tried, with no effect:

  • Changing the import location - frustrating b/c I lost the project I was working on :( :(
  • Saving without "spaces" in filename
  • Updating display drivers
  • Re-installing Quik several times (incl. reboot)
  • small project sizes of 2 pictures only

Wasted several hours now, not happy as I deliberately spend more to have a careless experience. Searching this forum and not being able to save from Quik seems to be a frequent issue? When will there be a "general fix for all" (i.e. update) rather than: "contact our techincal support"?


  • w10, 64bit, 10.0.16299
  • i7-7700HQ 2.8 Ghz, 
  • nvidea Geoforce GTX 1050
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SOLVED: Quik wont save edit

[ Edited ]

I seemed to have it solved, thanks to an earlier post of @swiftbeach55751, thank you. 

Earlier I could not follow his steps below but after updating the nvidea drivers via "GeForce Experience" (instead of Windows Update), I got this extra icon for configuration of Nvidea Card in the right bottom of the task bar. Followed the steps as outlined below and was able to save a creation :) :)


Nvidia Control Panel -> Manage 3D settings -> Program Settings -> click Add, choose GoPro Quik.exe -> Select Integrated graphics -> click Apply . Next step is -> click Add, choose GoProExportWorker.exe -> select High-performance NVIDIA processor -> click Apply. 

Close the Nvidia Control Panel and restart Quik.