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Quik time lapse failing to seam together

Quik for some reason keeps splitting my timelapse in half into seperate files as seen on the below image.Capture.PNG

If I put them into the new god-awful "create mode" it starts the timelapse as seen below:Capture1.PNG

Then in the middle theres about 15 seconds of a black screen as seen here:


Then it cuts to the rest of the video with the Ken Burns effect on a different part of the screen... even if I cut the video together the Ken Burns effect ruins it becuase it skips to a different place in the middle as seen below:


Why is this happening? I've been trying to make an 8 second video for 2 hours, any help is appreciated. I've tried retrimming the clip, deleting non-necessary parts to make the video shorter, changing where the "hilight" is. Nothing works. 

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Re: Quik time lapse failing to seam together


Hi @quicksurf7752


Is it two separate sequence? 
And is it possible for you to delete the black part to remove the cut effect? 

You can also use VSDC as an alternative Video Editing software.

Keep us posted.