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Quik - sound only in create mode


I cant use create mode in Quik as it doesnt play video only sound...

have updated quick time, have used compability modes, uninstalled whole aplication..sometimes I get video for few secs but then whole app crases and cant close it.


Please advise



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Re: Quik - sound only in create mode



I'm having the same issue, with GoPro Studio I have no problem, but in Quick Create mode I can't see videos, only sound. 


I all realdy try checking the compatibility mode in the properties with Wiindows 7, but nothing.


Please help!!


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Re: Quik - sound only in create mode

Hi @quickridge07524 and @royaldawn74485


This sounds related to graphics drivers to me. I'd advise looking up what graphics card(s) your computer has and then being sure to update it. You can find the graphics card you have in the DxDiagnostic file in your computer. To find this, do the following.


1) Press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard and then press “R”. This will open the Run window. 
2) In the Run window, type ‘dxdiag’ and click OK. 
3) The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will open. 
4) Press the “Display” tab. Note all of the available graphics card information including graphics card name, driver version, and driver date. 


You can search for updates to the specific driver you have. If you have multiple drivers, you'll probably want to update both. The most common graphics cards I see are Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA cards.