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Quik opens, and then crashes after around 15 seconds

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anybody else having this issue? 


i have had nothing but endless problems since ordering my gopro9


1. maggot arrived in the case with my new camera..... reported to gopro with picture evidence of it embedded into the fabric, they have done nothing.


2. my free 1 year worth of gopro plus which was suppose to come with the camera when purchaced on the website amounted to nothing. when telling gopro about my issue they said they could do nothing and i now pay for it.


3. now i have finally got to use my gopro on my bike today in the nice weather, i come home to view some footage on my pc to find that the app (quik) will not stay open for any longer than around 15 seconds before crashing, meaning i cannot upload/import my videos to even watch them?!


I cant believe how bad my experience has been with these guys, not what i was expecting from such a well spoken about company. 


has anybody had any issues with quik? and can help me out as gopro seem to want nothing to do with me


and if somebody from gopro is reading this, then feel free to contact me and help me out. i have rang up probably 20+ times and spoken to people after spending over 500 pounds with you and had the worst customer experience iv ever known. so now its surely your turn to call me.... you have my email, phone number etc.

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Re: Quik opens, and then crashes after around 15 seconds

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Hi @ceamer200


We have checked the cases opened regarding the camera case and see that Support has tried to reach out several times but they were not able to get through.

We also see return requests for the HERO8 Black and the HERO9 Black.


We were able to pull up an active subscription using the email address on your Hub profile. How can we help you with your subscription?


Regarding the files, please note that while some functions of cameras may work with Quik for desktop, we have not provided any updates to the program prior to HERO8 and therefore we are unable to determine what features will work, what won't, and what consistency you may get with HERO8 and newer models.

You may explore other programs that can be used for the same purpose. Moreover, the GoPro Quik app also supports importing, viewing, and editing GoPro media on a compatible mobile device. 




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Re: Quik opens, and then crashes after around 15 seconds

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Thanks for responding EJ!

You are correct, due to you not having a phone number to call I had to wait for a call back which sometimes took days and due to working full time I cant always answer the phone, im sure you can see that I did speak to gopro quite a few times, and you can also see a returns request...

The reason I have had those return requests is because it was apparently the only way I could get my free 1 year subscription to gropro... multiple people on the phone told me that I don't have 1 year free with my purchase?? And I had to open my purchace email and read off what it said so they can understand that I am entitled to it. From then they said that the only way for me to get my free sub was to send the camera back, get a refund, and then buy another one

I was not happy sending back a camera with a maggot embedded in the case, although one of your members of staff seemed to think it was fine.

If you want to help me, I would appreciate you not charging me for a subscription every month which im entitled to have for free as that was the offer when I bought the camera off your website.

I appreciate that you don't update your gopro app any more, I have discovered that after reading the very bad customer reviews on the issue. Its very disappointing that I can't edit my videos on my pc as it was one of the main reasons I bought it. I understand that there are other editing companies available to choose but it seems the decent ones I have to pay for so will probably still to your app on my phone.

Unless you have any suggestions as to a good video editing windows pc software.

Feel free to check thru all my phonecalls with your staff to sort out my issues iv mentioned as the fact you have mentioned that you see return requests and that I have missed calls due to work makes me feel that you are straight away assuming I'm in the wrong here.

Feel free to call me, as these long email exchanges are not what I want to be doing on my evenings/weekends, but it's better than no response nonetheless