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GoPro Apps for Desktop
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Quik not downloading when clicking button

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Hello everyone.


I am trying to download the quik app for windows 10 desktop.

When I click on the download button nothing happens. Email address is entered correctly.

I have attempted this on 4 different browsers but again, nothing happens. It's like the link is dead/inactive.


Can someone please help me so I can start utilizing my new gopro.

Many Thanks :)

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Re: Quik not downloading when clicking button

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Same here just bought a brandnew gopro hero 9 black, also try to download quick for over 4 hours but it seems the whole website is broken. It won't start the download for me also. I hope they fix this issue asap.

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Re: Quik not downloading when clicking button

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Hi @fastlift34818 @boldflame05388


Are you downloading it from this page


Also, please note that while some functions of cameras may work with Quik for desktop, we have not provided any updates to the program prior to HERO8 and therefore we are unable to determine what features will work, what won't, and what consistency you may get with HERO8 and newer models.




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Re: Quik not downloading when clicking button

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Hi Ej,


Thank you for the reply. No I was attempting it from another page on the website.

It has now downloaded succesfully with your supplied link.


Many Thanks,