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Re: Quik keeps crashing (and GPS overlays)

Just a quick update.


I solved my issue with GPS overlay crashing by using a SSD HDD instead of the conventional HDD.


When i posted my issue with GPS overlay initially I had two computers - one on which it worked and one on which GPS overlay did not work.


Going through the paces I realised that the only major difference between the two computers were the HDD. Already running an SSD on computer with GPS overlay issues, it was just a matter of setting Quik up differently so that all video was fetched on SSD rather than on older HDD.


If anyone else with GPS overlay crashing issues has the means to confirm that an SSD drive og similar fast HDD would fix the issue, that would be great. It worked for me :)


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Re: Quik keeps crashing (and GPS overlays)

I am going to try this out today. This does seem like it would work though. On my desktop, all my videos are saved on the HDD portions of my storage. The overlays did work on my laptop which is all SSD. I'll move some videos to the SSD portion and try on my desktop.

Thanks for figuring this out! Hopefully once and for all