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GoPro Apps for Desktop
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Quik for desktop

My computer updated itself and now Quik doesn't work.  It's worked for all the time I have had it installed but now it's useless.  Uploading to my mobile phone is a no-go as it would fill the phone every time and anyway you can't transfer to the computer.  A case of going backwards in my opinion.



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Re: Quik for desktop

I bought my GoPro Hero 8 several weeks ago and have yet to get it to work with the Quick Desktop Ap (Windows 10) . My computer sees the Go Pro in Device Settings but not my Computer. I'm not about to upgrade to GoPro Plus if I can't get the basic program to work.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Quik for desktop

Hi. I have the same issue with automatic update of Windows 10. Error message: LoadLibrary failed with error 87: Parameter is incorrect. I think there is an issue with Intel UHD Graphics 630 installed in my Dell PC. When I deactivate (via Device Manager) this Intel graphic device Quik is working. There is a second graphic card (AMD Radeon RX550) in my computer and it is working fine. Unfortunatelly I have no other solution. I deactivade Intel when using Quik and when I have finished the work I go back and activate Intel. I have tried deleting Temp files and reinstalling Quik without sucess. 

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Re: Quik for desktop

Hello Everyone!


Please note that while some functions of cameras may work with Quik for desktop, we have not provided any updates to the program prior to HERO8 and therefore we are unable to determine what features will work, what won't, and what consistency you may get with HERO8 and MAX cameras.


For wired connection, other users confirmed that using USB 3.1 and USB 3.0 works.

If you have a USB-C to Thunderbolt cable, it should also work. 


You may also transfer files using an SD card adapter/reader instead.