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GoPro Apps for Desktop
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Quik for desktop

  good morning, I have problems with the desktop application for windows,
I use the version for windows 8.1 which worked fine, but now when
I want to add telemetry to my videos, the program closes, from the mobile
application I can do it but I can not change the units and only appear in MPH
and not in KPH as I would like. I do not know if there is any package of corrections
that I can put to avoid these problems,
PS: the error only says that the program has stopped working


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Re: Quik for desktop

Hello @spirycreek64180. It would be best to have the latest version of Quik for Windows installed but it only works with Windows 10. As for the GPS data on mobile, the description below might help:


Depending on your region/country you will see x/kmph or x/mph. You can check/change the unit on your device:

  • IOS: 'Settings / General / Language & Region / Region Formats'.
  • ANDROID: change the language of your phone

There is more information here about using GPS stickers on mobile apps. Best regards!