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Re: Quik for Desktop not opening on Windows 10

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This solution worked for me.Thank you


Any chance you know anything about gopro MP4 files turning into XML files? I have asked around but couldnt find any solutions. Basically taking the files from one computer to external disk and then back to new computer converted all my old videos to XML files. 



Re: Quik for Desktop not opening on Windows 10


When you uninstall Quik, there are remnants still on your computer that affect the program when it is reinstalled. So the steps I took are:


1. Uninstall the program normally.

2. Remove the GoPro folder from %localappdata% <- Just paste this into your file explorer and delete the gopro folder

2* You may be told that some files can't be deleted because they are in use by some service or program. You can go into the task manager to manually close these.

3. This next step involves the registry and is dangerous to tinker with for the inexperienced. You do this step at your own risk. You can potentially break your Windows environment by messing with the registry. 
Open your start menu and type "regedit" and press enter. You should get the registry editor. Expand the following folders:


You should see a GoPro folder in here. I deleted the whole folder. Mind you, this also means I had to reinstall my Studio software, as it has some keys in here too. I don't know the specific keys for Quik, so if a GoPro software specialist could chime in on that, it would be helpful.

4. Now reinstall Quik and it should work.


PS. I'm an 8 year PC tech that works IT in a college. I have some experience fixing software issues like these.



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Re: Quik for Desktop not opening on Windows 10

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GoPro Quick is not working on my PC and I just spent 20 minutes with Tech Support. What I found out is my new laptop is not compatible with GoPro Quick because i5 processor is only running at 1.6 GHz instead of 2.0 GHz apparently needed to run the app. GoPro needs to do a better job at making sure its apps run on a wider range of machines. Thank goodness I have a Macbook Pro that can still run Quick and an iPhone as well or the money spent on a GoPro 8 with acessories would have been a waste of money.

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Re: Quik for Desktop not opening on Windows 10

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Use this tutorial:

for rename User name and folder. GoPro Quick finally runs

👍 Watch how to rename the user's folder in Windows 10, which can be found in C:\Users. In my case, it is "Maxim," and I want to rename it into "Max." Note. ...