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Quik doesn't start on WIN10



GoPro Quik does'nt start on my deskstop on Windows 10.


In the event system, i found this notification :


Nom de l’application défaillante GoPro Quik.exe, version :, horodatage : 0x58cac837
Nom du module défaillant : Qt5WebEngineCore.dll, version :, horodatage : 0x56d7d6d0
Code d’exception : 0x80000003
Décalage d’erreur : 0x00000000009ca958
ID du processus défaillant : 0x29b0
Heure de début de l’application défaillante : 0x01d2af1328c28610
Chemin d’accès de l’application défaillante : C:\Program Files (x86)\GoPro\GoPro Desktop App\GoPro Quik.exe
Chemin d’accès du module défaillant: C:\Program Files (x86)\GoPro\GoPro Desktop App\Qt5WebEngineCore.dll
ID de rapport : f9e1fa54-1fd2-4502-a666-4f2fabe5e439
Nom complet du package défaillant : 
ID de l’application relative au package défaillant : 

It seems like the issue was about the dependency Qt5WebEngineCore.dll.


Can you help me please?



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Re: Quik doesn't start on WIN10

Sadly I have the same problem.

DXDIAG points to Qt5WebEngineCore for me as well. For me it started after last update to Quik 2.3.
I Have no solution but has contacted Gopro.

Have your problem being solved?

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Re: Quik doesn't start on WIN10

Same for me.
Doesn´t anaybody have a solution for this.
Quik and GoProStudio on Win10 are really a mess.

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Re: Quik doesn't start on WIN10

No solution yet.

I started mailing Gopro 1st line support 20 days ago. After 9 days, they forwarded my problem internally. I'm currently waiting for their response. Meanwhile I import manually and use 3rd line video editing solution, but missing gauges. Have not found any other solution for showing them in my videos.

If you have similar problem, please contact Gopro support. If more people reports same problem, they will focus on it more. That’s the way this world works.


My DXDIAG result:

Problem signature:
P1: GoPro Quik.exe


P3: 58cac837

P4: Qt5WebEngineCore.dll


P6: 56d7d6d0

P7: 80000003

P8: 00000000009ca958


When I get a positive feedback from Gorpo, I will share on this forum.

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Re: Quik doesn't start on WIN10

Well, same here.  Apparently no one is paying attention.


It would be nice to have some kind of update from GoPro.



Someone reported a very similar bug on the QT Engine developer site and the solution. Apparantly it was a bug on the QT Engine, but the version that was installed by GoPro seems newer to that one anyway. 


Error details:

Faulting application name: GoPro Quik.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x58cac837
Faulting module name: Qt5WebEngineCore.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x56d7d6d0
Exception code: 0x80000003
Fault offset: 0x00000000009ca958
Faulting process id: 0x48b4
Faulting application start time: 0x01d2e0870c5cc128
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\GoPro\GoPro Desktop App\GoPro Quik.exe
Faulting module path: C:\Program Files\GoPro\GoPro Desktop App\Qt5WebEngineCore.dll
Report Id: 2a48a047-4d13-492c-bb81-de5951919e0b
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:




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Re: Quik doesn't start on WIN10

I opened my case with Gopro 8/5 regarding Qt5WebEngineCore.dll. Gopro told me they had forwarded my case internally so yesterday I asked about their progress (after not hearing anything from them after 18/5) for solving the issue and was told my case had been CLOSED. They do not look interested in solving issues from their customers.

Maybe Gopro cameras are good, but their software together with maintenance is garbish. I have now told my younger brother who is looking for a solid action camrea solution to look elsewhere. Another friend bought a Garmin virb based on my experience- When my savings allow it, I will sell this and buy a working product.

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Re: Quik doesn't start on WIN10

Anybody allready an solution for this problem?
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Re: Quik doesn't start on WIN10

Same here...TOO late I got bit also....HELP!!!