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Quik broke my timelapse video?

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So, while my fiance was gone for three days I made a time lapse of our guinea pig as a surprise for her.
I just put it into quik. It imported all the files and deleted them off my SD card like it always does.
Time lapse videos usually never play on my Quik for some reason, but I always just open the folder location and throw the files into a timelapse creater.
This time around, I noticed that the video, instead of being a three day thing, only lasted one day. I was confused. The timelapse devided itself into two parts, which is okay. But I looked into explorer, and noticed that one of those parts only had 247 files in it. But when I'm on the quik app, it tells me that there are a total of 2,309 frames in this part. I am so confused as to what is going on. I believe quik didn't save over 2,000 frames of my time lapse, the DELETED them off of my SD card. Photos are of what I am talking about.
Anyone able to help?