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Quik bad quality 4k Export

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just installed the latest version of quik and did a small 60 sec clip with 4k content 30FPS. Saving the edit it gives you the option to save in 4k but the quality of that clip is horrendous with big artefacts (size of the file is about 110 Mbyte). So I tried saving in 1080p. Quality is much better (but not really anywhere near original footage) and the size of the file is 120 Mbyte. That explains why the 4k clip has such a bad quality, same size but 4 times the resolution. Really disappointing. Please gopro, dont give export options just because you can. I thought you guys had a sense for quality so if you can deliver quality for whatever reason dont give the option. Or let the user choose quality settings. Harddisks are big these days and can hold big video files. Computers are also fast enough these days to render 4k material in high quality. What is the point of having high quality footage of the Hero7 if all goes down the drain editing it with your software (has been already said elsewhere in this forum)? Right now, quik desktop is totally unusable and a waste of time. I think gopro is also wrong just feeding the mobile market if almost everyone has a 4k TV at home with streaming capabilities (apple TV, chromecast, etc. - I enjoy very much 4k content I shoot with my pixel streamed on the big screen and can see the difference to 1080p material immediatly). All those 1080p videos wont look very good on these screens. All I am saying is give us options, man!!! :-)



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