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Quik application crashing, slow

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I've been using pure chineese cameras before (gopro also manufactured in china), and i'm very disappointed with gopro software. This includes firmware, android, and pc desktop app.


I can't view the GPS data of my videos on PC, as it's barely supported by video players (actually not supported by anything), so i need to use Quik, which is a slow, annoying application, swarmed with bugs.

The smaller problem, that it can't use video decoding capabilities of the GPU, so 4K is unplayable in Quik, while plays smoothly in MPC-HC.

But for GPS data i need Quik. I've renamed all the video filenames to something useful (date+time), instead of the camera's useless, names. After that, i can play those in Quik, but if i select gps path, or any other metadata information to be displayed, and click on save, the app crashes. This happens with every renamed videos. The new names are like this: 20191116_151936.mp4


That's why i bought gopro, specifically because of GPS, and maybe because i thought that if it's so expensive, the features will work as should. But even the hyped HyperSmooth is not so good...


Currently if anyone asks for advice about action cameras, i would say to look at SJCAM, or such cameras, as those are much cheaper, and have nearly same capabilites as gopro (or even more, like SJ9 have wireless charging function too), and the unique capabilities of gopro, like GPS can't be used because of catastrophic software.


I think the developers of the Quik desktop app, should be fired,and the app's source code should be destroyed (as it's a heavy coding pollution), and start to develop a new one from scratch, with new developers.