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Quik and GoPro Studio - why is GoPro letting its fanbase go

I'm Matteo, from Italy, and I purchased a GoPro Hero5 Black in the beginning of this year. I've been very happy with this product until now: the hardware is truly awesome, the quality of the pictures is great, the camera is solid, the stabilization works like a charm, and so do the accelerometer and gps.

By the way, recently, you started updating your software in what I would call an "instagrammish fashion". I'll try to explain myself.
I use my GoPro for sports, usually car racing, karting, biking etc., or to record my rides outdoor with the motorbike. Which implies I often have long footage to work with, most of it with the sound of the engines on the background. I'm not only interested in «getting 15-sec clips to upload on the social networks to show the world how cool my life is» (which of course is ok and works well as usual), but also I'm interested in having a solid software that allows me to edit my full length videos as I did before. I have entire races in multi-pov (as my friends own their GoPros too) to put together, keeping the original audio on the bottom and all the stuff you can do with a true video editor. Of course I could keep using Sony Vegas as I did for all the rest of my video-editing work, but:
- Go Pro Studio was nicely integrated: it was user friendly and fast

- MOST IMPORTANTLY I can't export gauges on the videos if I just take my raw clips from the memory card and I don't pass through your applications!


My impression, in this particular moment, is that you're moving towards a wider customer base, which is all about making things fresh and immediate and stuff, but WE need something else; and when I say WE I mean all the old-school customers who chose your brand because your products where the top for the extreme sports. I don't understand why I can't export my full clips WITH gauges anymore, I don't understand why I can't keep the original audio instead of some cheesy background music when I export stuff through your applications, and as I said, the lenght limitations are ridicolous.
You don't want to provide a fully-functional video editor as you did in the past? Fine, just put a "right click > export video with gauges" in the main page of Quik (which is also in your interest: I was proud to put "GO PRO" in the right-top corner of the video). Then I will do my stuff on Sony Vegas.


I feel kinda mistreated, and as I read around the web, I'm not the only crazy one out there.

Do something about it, and we'll be grateful.


Best regards