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Quik adds one hour to the create time once imported

Dear GoPro community,

I am new here to your community and I am more and more disappointed about the GoPro software packages which come (actually not come) with this great piece of technology. Officially there is no GoPro software available for Windows or Mac.

It is still available as a legacy application in a "hidden" page. In order to be able to edit my videos, I got Quik.


First problem the GoPro Studio application does not work with QUIK anymore. 


Then I was really disappointed that the QUIK application is so badly developed. I cannot understand that it was the main Win app for GOPRO Users so far. What choice do I have?

However, after two days I noticed that Quik adds one hour to the create time of the video once imported. On the SD-card the time is right. 


This is a major problem for my video collection. 


These action cameras are not cheap, they are the best in their class and it would not be too much asked for to get a decent piece of software.


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Re: Quik adds one hour to the create time once imported

Hi @joachimb42


Sorry for any trouble caused.

This issue has been shared with the team.

You may explore other applications for now.

See Programs to View and Edit Video




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Re: Quik adds one hour to the create time once imported

Hi Ej,

Really very unsatisfactory. This action camera is quite expensive and one can expect that there is a satisfactory policy about changing to another application and maintaining the old ones until such time a replacement is working. Nobody knows GOPRO's policy.  think it is absolutely wrong to assume that the customers are happy to edit their videos on the Smartphone "Micky Mouse" monitor. The Smartphone QUIK application is also not very intuitive and lacks really basic and important features. It really looks like you ignore the customer's wishes from all the requests I see in this community,  

As a new customer, I am in limbo. The Android app is not working for me because it can not work with my SD card and the QUIK Desktop is just faulty (creation date not properly set at import) and lacks of basic editing functionality. 


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