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Quik Video is freezing but PC has free resources

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Hi GoPro Community,


Looking for help on identifying the reason for video playback freezing on the Quik desktop app.


Video Playback (1920x1440@60fps) plays normal on Windows Media Player and on MS Photos.


If I try to edit the same video on MS Photos, then playback is laggy and the image keeps freezing.


On GoPro Quik, the situation quite worse. Playing back the video is very laggy as well as trying to edit it.


With Quik playing a video, the Task Manager on my Windows 10 shows free resources on all items (CPU, Mem, Disk, GPU).



Win 10 Pro 64bits

i7 960 (overclocked)

GeForce GTX 570

12GB of RAM

OS (freshly installed) and Videos running on an SSD


In trying to fix this, I have:

- Overclocked my PC (it is running stable at 4.18GHz, from 3.2GHZ original). (I have water cooling, but never had the need to overclock it till now... but now it is done! :-) )

- I have upgraded my harddisks to an SSD


Still, the video playback is very laggy on Quik.


With Quick Open, but no playback




1920x1440@60FPS Playback on Quik:



CPU Cores when playing back a video:



Any suggestions on what else can I do to find out what is causing this performance bottleneck and how to solve it?




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Re: Quik Video is freezing but PC has free resources

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Hello @felipec67264


There are steps-to-fix detailed in this article that might help.  Other members also shared resolutions through this thread:

Should you need further assistance, you may reach our Support team at .