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Quik Performance Appalling

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Hi GoPro Team,


I have shockingly poor performance from your Quik desktop software. I had to make registry edits and clear temp files to get it to launch today despite it working fine yesterday (no Windows updates performed) and the software is running like crap.


All I want to do is trim a clip with gauges but the softare updates so slowly that it is nearly impossible and has taken me 20+ minutes to get the clip in/out points in the right place. Please note that even re-viewing small sections of footage results in a lot of lag, with only 5/10 second intervals playing briefly before it decides to play smoothly.


Could you please provide advice on how I can improve my Quik experience as currently it seems that my phone is more powerful than my mid/high end PC and laptop which both meet minimum requirements. Given that my iPhone and Pixel 2 seem more effective than either of my PCs, I can only presume that Quik is poorly optimised for W10?


Please note that I am not doing advanced editing so please do not point me towards other software, unless you can provide me with your older GoPro Studio ?




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Re: Quik Performance Appalling

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Hi @bigjackjones


Please reach out to our Support Team regarding your concern.


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GoPro Studio has been discontinued and we do not provide an older version of the application.