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Re: Quik Not Responding

Hi @axela46


Here are other ways to access your files:

Import Camera Files to a Computer - Windows 10

You may also reach out to our Support Team for assistance through 




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Re: Quik Not Responding

This only works on a laptop. Not for a desktop. Plus them you can't use your discrete graphics card... Blah
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Re: Quik Not Responding

I have tried everything I could possibly find on the internet about this as well as called and gone back and forth via chat multiple times with gopro support and no one can figure out why Quick keeps crashing even when I simply try to play a video within the Quick app.  I do not have any issues playing the gopro videos smoothly via Microsoft media player, adobe premiere, camtasia or Movavi.


Yes, I have other video editors, but I'm a novice and want what I"m paying for which is a camera that I can use and edit video with the software from the company that built it so that I can use the easy highlight features and creation mode to make my life easier.


My Huawei Matebook X Pro passes all the minimum Quick spec requirements with flying colors so I don't know what else to do. I've even uploaded the DxDiag.txt file and NFO file to gopro CS as requested and they confirmed my computer has plenty of power to run Quick.


Below are my specs and all the things I have tried.


Matebook X Pro

-Windows 10 64bit

-Intel Core i7-8550U CPU @ 1.8GHz 1.99Ghz

-500GB internal SSD - 368GB of Space is Free

-16GB Ram

-Intel UHD Graphics 620 with 128mb dedicated memory

-Nvidia GeForce MX 150 with 2GB integrated memory


Method 1:

Right click on the quick software and run with integrated Graphics. I can see why this doesn't work because My Intel Card only has 128M dedicated memory and Quick requires 512MB I belive.  This shouldn't be an issue as my Nvidia video card has 2GB.


Method 2:

Disabled my Intel Graphics Card by going to "manage devices," right clicking the intel card and hitting disable.


Method 3:

Re-enabled my intel graphics card and then disabled my Nvidia Card just hoping to get lucky. No go.


Method 4:

Uninstalling and reinstalling Quick and restarting the laptop


Method 5:

Someone from GO pro suggested I try to run the Quik app in compatibility mode. I've tried both windows 8 and VIsta (service pack 2) Doesn't work.


Method 6:

Tried running Quick as an admin.


Method 7:

Gopro also told me to try to create a new user admin login for my laptop and to try loading Quick on that user profile.


At this point I don't know what to do other than continue calling CS to complain about an issue they cannot fix in hopes they will compensate me for my time and effort for faulty product/software.


Please do not simply tell me to use other editing software. I paid for your product and monthly subscription service and I expect you to deliver your end of the bargain by finding a way to make this work.

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Re: Quik Not Responding

Yes. Same here. I’ve tried every thing I could find as well as suggestions from go pro. I work I’m in tech and am very computer literate. The issue for me is hevc and cpu/gpu support. Basically, unless your cpu has the right support for hevc the GoPro software won’t work. GoPro is not trying to make their software actually use gpu acceleration so their software does not use the gpu or cannot use the gpu. I know it’s a development effort but I think the reason people choose GoPro is It has easy to use software to edit your video. Why not add in nvidia/amd video card acceleration? The computer ‘incompatibility’ is so annoying it makes me not want to use or buy GoPro. What’s the point then? There are other competitors that are way cheaper.
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Re: Quik Not Responding

I'm not familiar with what hevc, cpu/gpu is exactly but if I'm understanding your overall reply, it sounds like there isn't anything I'm going to be able to do to get Quik working with my current Matebook X Pro based on the specs I laid out.  Is that right?

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Re: Quik Not Responding

You should just change the recording of GoPro back to hevc + h.264. This takes more recording space on your SD card but is more compatible even with gopros software. Other option I’ve been thinking about is possibly getting an iPad because gopros apps are actually better and more compatible with hevc on iOS than on Mac/PC.

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Re: Quik Not Responding

i checked my gopro settings and they have always been on 4k @ 60fps | HEVC so I don't think I have a prayer in getting it to work on my current laptop. I also don't see any setting options that talk about h.264 anywhere on the go pro itself of the settings on the app on my phone when connecting it to my gopro.

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Re: Quik Not Responding

Same here. I believe I tried everything I can. I have subscribed this discussion and waiting for a solution for months.