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Quik GPS track and speed out of sync with video

Footage from my new Hero 7 Black. Noticing that the gauges are often a long way out of sync with the video (both speed and position on the track).  This still is from a hyperlapse. I'm not moving, yet my speed is 13 mph. The location of the video should be at the bottom-most point on the track (our turnaround for this test).


out of sync gopro gps.JPG


It's off by a good 30 seconds or more actual time, so, pretty much useless. Throw it on the backlog for the Quik team to ignore I guess.

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Re: Quik GPS track and speed out of sync with video

My regular-speed video seems to have OK gauge sync (but I can't test most of it, because it's HEVC, and GoPro hasn't deemed it worthwile to support its own recordings with its own software...) so maybe just the hyperlapses are wrong here.

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Re: Quik GPS track and speed out of sync with video

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dear Gravy... My new HERO7 black shows it is collecting GPS data, and in QUIK, i tap on the GPS DATA icon, turn on speedodometer, (which tells me i'm traveling 30mph faster than i'm acrually traveling,   the time of day is set in the camera (even reflects on the display correctly) but in the cluster on GPS data, it show 5 hours ahead, (ie: shows 7pm when it's only 2pm) I told the GPS to sinc with cameera time of day.  no way to calibrate.  So the cluster is useless, the speedodometer is useless, and the ODO is useless, (odo tells me i've traveled 700 mile after a 4.3 mile trip) . USELESS features, Their customer service in the Phillipines doesn't have a clue, they are reading scripted responses to questions.  They are useless.  and now the 800# and the Chat have stopped working all together.  I think they are on the verge of bankruptcy. 

Then ask for our money back.  GoPro stocks are already plummetting on the exchanges,  There are so many problems and issues with their products and that explains why the stock is doing so poorly.  I'm sorry i ever bought a GoPro.  If this is the best GoPro can do, maybe it is time they went bankrupt.  Which the stock is reflecting already.  

Wish i had got a DJI OSMO pocket or a Li-4k plus.  (could have saved over $300 and got acamera that worked. And, i wouldn't have to fork out another $100 for quality audio imput.  Both the OSMO and the Li-4k plus have a 3.5mm mic port.  

Goo luck.  GoPro really doesn't care yet they keep falsely advertising. They even doctor the HyperSmooth stabilization footage in photoshop to make it look smooth.  Experts have looked at the advertisements on their Webpage and said it is all doctored in editing.  

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Re: Quik GPS track and speed out of sync with video

Hi @robertk3512


The issue on GPS information has been reported to the team.

However, we do not have additional information at this time.


Other users suggest using Dashware or RaceRender.

You may also try the work around on this thread.