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Quik Desktop for Mac error runing


I have already installed last version of quick desktop for mac. When i open app and click to creat, progam stop runing and finally auto close generating an report to apple, which is next:

What is happening? Could you help, please?



Process: GoPro Quik [2236]
Path: /Applications/GoPro Quik
Identifier: com.GoPro.goproapp
Version: 2.7.0 (
Code Type: X86-64 (Native)
Parent Process: ??? [1]
Responsible: GoPro Quik [2236]
User ID: 501

Date/Time: 2019-02-08 00:13:08.977 +0100
OS Version: Mac OS X 10.13.6 (17G65)
Report Version: 12
Anonymous UUID: CF767961-A132-EDB0-C1C9-5B5652C3D0A8

Sleep/Wake UUID: A0D2422C-7DE0-4933-816D-BCAB520F1316

Time Awake Since Boot: 17000 seconds
Time Since Wake: 3400 seconds

System Integrity Protection: enabled

Crashed Thread: 61

Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)
Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000

Application Specific Information:
abort() called

Application Specific Signatures:
Graphics hardware encountered an error and was reset: 0x00000813



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Re: Quik Desktop for Mac error runing


Hi @sergiodp


Thanks for the information shared.

Kindly try this: use the Activity Monitor to see what GoPro processes are running.  

If anything other than goproapp.devicedetectionservice is running when Quik is not running, force quit them.

If nothing is running when Quik is running, the message bus may not have started.


Let us know how it goes.