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Quik Corruption Error

Any notice that Quik registers a second media card of unknown label/origin when importing from Hero5?

I've reinstalled the software twice only to have the problem show up again.

This issue creates issues with future imports because photos may not show up and files are not completely imported, but the program will still prompt you to delete all files after an import session.


Unplugging the Hero5 and plugging it back in will import additional video files, but no photos (if your record settings were Video + Photo).


I've called Customer Support but all they could think to do was uninstall and reinstall the program.

That is a workable solution once, it's not cool to have to do it every time I use the Hero5


Has anyone else experienced this?  I've attached pics of the import so you can see the phantom media card and how it hangs perpetually like it's trying to import something.

2017-12-18 04.34.07 pm.png