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Quik 5.0.3 On IPad Version 13.1.3

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      I am hoping someone can help.   I am struggling with the following:


1. Quik 5.0.3 does not appear to allow me to set up a media folder.   I had to import files wirelessly from my Hero 7, using GoPro App 6.3 on an IPad with IOS Version 13.1.3.    I had hoped I could expose the media via saving to IPhoto's, however, rather than GoPro simply adding a pointer, it tries to save a copy in IPhoto's, which duplicates storage locally.   This blew up my local storage, and now attempting to save to IPhoto fails or hangs  with a "waiting" message (no detailed message GoPro that could help understand why it seems to hang!!!).    As a workaround, Is there any way to point Quik 5.0.4 at the GoPro App 6.3 location?   Note that the instructions on the GoPro site explains how to do this for Quik for Mac, not IOS.    So, please do not provide that link, as it does not apply.

2.  ICloud is horrendously slow, when trying to view media where storage optimization has been selected.     Is there any other options anyone is using that can leverage cloud, however, when building video allows preview without horrendous waits for the content to show?

3.  Lastly, why does Karma grip remove stabilization mode?  I have to remember everytime I remove the camera to turn it on, and have been burned multiple times with shaky video as a result.


Thanks for your feedback.


 I apologize if this has already been answered in the community.  I tried searching, and there seems to be no relevant article that appears.