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QuickStories for Desktop more than 60 sec

Hi GoPro,


Why is it not possible to exporting QuickStories for Desktop in more than 60 sec?


On the QuickStories app i can make nice video's with different kind duretion of time. It dipence on the number of seconds of the chosen song has. QuickStories for Desktop is te max 60 sec i discovered.


My dream is to exporting QuickStories for Desktop or App in 4k (or 2.7k) 60fps (h264) with a number of seconds i want (like 7 minutes).


Make my dream come true!


greets en keep up the good work!


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Re: QuickStories for Desktop more than 60 sec


Hi @sstrike79



If you wish to have edited videos for more than 60 seconds, it's best to use the mobile version of the app.

You can also try 3rd party applications.



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Re: QuickStories for Desktop more than 60 sec

Hi @sstrike79 again you'll have to be patient... We're working on high export resolution but it takes time. For now advanced editing will be only on Mobile so you'll have to stick to mobile if you want longer videos than 60 sec.