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Quick App doesn't save any video (Mac)

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I'm trying to save my videos on my Mac with GoPro Quick, but even with only one frame, the app stuck at 0% until I do "Cancel".

Could anyone help me please? I have Mac Os Catalina.

Thanks a lot.

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Re: Quick App doesn't save any video (Mac)

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Hi @flyingriding


Is this only happening when the camera is plugged in via USB cable?

Does it work if you are using an SD card adapter?

What Quik version are you using?

Would you be able to share a screenshot of the error?





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Re: Quick App doesn't save any video (Mac)

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Hi @aragon1006,
It's happening with camera connected and also with only the SD or with the video from external hard disk. There is no error message, because when it start to save, it remain at 0% all the time... I left all day long...
The Quick version is the
Thanks a lot for the help.
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Re: Quick App doesn't save any video (Mac)

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I seem to have the exact same problem under the same circumstances. I'm also running mac OS catalina and quik version I have tried changing the import location but to no avail. Furthermore I experienced this issue earlier this month but I was able to fix it with a simple restart of the application.