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Quick, 4K and Windows support ?

I am looking to upgrade to Hero 8. I will not do this until your windows support is able to play 4K videos? After my last post about Quick and 4K I noticed that your solution was to archive the software. Whilst this will prevent complaints, I feel it is short sighted as many prople still use windows on various devices. 

When are you going to launch a windows software that supports 4K?

I bought the Hero 7 specifically because of it's 4K video....;(

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Re: Quick, 4K and Windows support ?

Hello @nickp7150


Check out HEVC Explained for reference.

Also, please make sure you have HEVC codecs installed.


You may try other application to play or edit these files. See Programs to View and Edit Videos





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Re: Quick, 4K and Windows support ?

Thanks, I have seen all these help items before. I sent my Dx Diag files to Go pro and the answer came back that I should be able to play the videos etc. 

My main point is that if you go to the main site quick desktop for windows is archived and not available. Apparently Go Pro have moved on.....I can only assume 2 reasons

1) Not supporting windows cuts down on complaints

2) A new version of windows software is being developed.


My only only technical query comes from the Chip being 2016 plus and of the coffe(or some ) lake type, which I find no reference to. My graphics card and screen is 4K compatable etc...